Sunday, September 12, 2010


Okay, there are a lot of shows which make me laugh out loud. But Pysch is, by far, the best. With its quick quips and pop culture references, the dialog never stops. The characters are quirky and the premise is just plan fun. The romance aspect is subtle and very satisfying. And the episodic nature means a contained hour of laughter and happy ending. Finally, the best part, the opening credits including its opening theme song is often changed to match the plot of the episode, including a bollywood version, a chinese version, an a capella version, and the list goes on. The fact that the creators deem these little details makes it all the more entertaining. Oh, and one other thing, there is at least one pineapple in each episode. Thanks to you can find all of these.

On a similar note, kudos to USA networks who use their quirky show characters for promotion in commercial crossovers. I never tire of the fun aspect of this.

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  1. Started watching this cause of your recommendation. First season is pretty good. I hope that they take this further though. Corbin Bernsen is my fave so far. Also, I feel like Guster gets left out a whole lot. And one more response is that I can't help but see the resemblance in cast and tone to Scrubs. I wonder if this is the OTC version for USA, or if they can characterize themselves enough to make it their own. I think they are much further into their seasons right now, so I look forward to finding out.