Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mimacs à tire-larigot

Non stop shenanigans, that is basically the title and it was a lot of fun. A new level compared with Amélie, Jeunet takes an orphan, mixes him with a circus of quirky people, and comes out with a colorful piece of cinematography with Dany Boone leading the charge. I must say SXSW was lucky to have Jeunet but I was even more lucky to be able to get in and see the film in the beautiful Paramount Theatre in downtown Austin. I am now eagerly awaiting the DVD so I can watch it again and catch all the information and fun antics placed on the screen. If you see it showing near you, go see it. You will not be disappointed.

on repeat: Green Bird and ELM

I have some obscure soundtracks. The official Lucas Arts soundtrack to the game Grim Fandango comes to mind. Typically these soundtracks tend to be my favorites. With a little bit of my bonus I went ahead and purchased all the soundtracks to the anime "Cowboy Bebop", exporting them from Japan so I know they would not be bootlegs. On the second soundtrack are two of my very favorite tracks of all time. It is the part in the anime, some of the best anime can deliver, where Spike is falling out of the church window and remembering his past life in episode 5, The Ballad of the Fallen Angels. The breaking glass, the falling rose petals, the sepia tones and the song Green Bird has no equal. Solely voice and piano, this haunting melody fits the perfect scene with perfect music. The language is kind of made up or from an interview with Kanno Yoko, a mixture of English and Latin. The actual lyrics can not be found. After that track, and I am not sure why but the pairing is delicious, is a funny song call ELM. It does not bring the vivid images of the anime but I love the simple and fun La La La. They are on repeat so I can enjoy over and over both the song and the memory of my first time with this anime.