Saturday, November 28, 2009


I have watched all eight seasons since its inception. I loved Tony Shalhoub in Big Night and on "Wings". And while the plots are mostly predictable, the attention to whatever phobias and disorders Monk possess in each and every episode has put it at the top of my need to watch first list since 2002. The classic example is the first episode of season two. Monk substitutes in a school. He starts the class by writing his name on the board and the episode spends at least five or six minutes on Monk making sure that his letters are even and perfect. And the show continuously devotes that time. There are times when it is downright hilarious and times when it is not so funny but the continuity is welcome. "Monk" is coming to an end and I have been waiting for a lovely tribute from USA network, one of those montages put to music. Alas, nothing because USA decided to go for the celebrity send off. I could not live without my thanks to a beloved show. Thanks, Monk. It has been grand.

love that german castle

Fun stamps received this week from A German castle and the holiday stamps have begun.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

movie quotes

I read an old bulletin board post of mine. Since it was a list of quotes I love, I thought I would share.

Buffy: Does the word, 'duh' mean anything to you?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)

NASA Director: This could be the worst disaster NASA's ever faced.
Gene Kranz: With all due respect, sir, I believe this is gonna be our finest hour.
Apollo 13 (1995)

Winston Zeddemore: Ray, when someone asks if you're a God, you say "Yes"!
Ghost Busters (1984)

Kent Mansley: Hey there, scout! Kent Mansley, I work for the government.
The Iron Giant (1999) -  love you, Kent!

I will go there and back again - from "In Dreams" 
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

Spot Conlon: I say... that what you say... is what I say.
Newsies (1992)

Lady Eboshi: What exactly are you here for?
Prince Ashitaka: To see with eyes unclouded by hate.
Mononoke Hime (1997)

Willow: See this acorn? I'll throw it at you and turn you to stone!
Madmartigan: Ooh, I'm really scared. Help! There's a peck with an acorn pointed at me!
Willow (1998)

Sorsha: What are you looking at?
Madmartigan: Your leg. I'd like to break it
Willow (1998)

Red: I hope...
Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Captain Malcolm Reynolds: Dear Buddha, please bring me a pony and a little plastic rocket...
Serenity (2005)

Jayne: You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with until you understand who's in ruttin' command here...
"Firefly" (2002)

Hipolito: We pass the time of day to forget how time passes.
Le Fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain (2001)

Mathilda: Is life always this hard, or is it just when you're a kid?
Léon: Always like this.
Léon (The Professional) (1994)

Mathilda: I don't wanna lose you, Leon."
Léon: You're not going to lose me. You've given me a taste for life. I wanna be happy. Sleep in a bed, have roots. And you'll never be alone again, Mathilda.
Léon (The Professional) (1994)

Leeloo: Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass.
The Fifth Element (1997)
David Huxley: When a man is wrestling a leopard in the middle of a pond, he's in no position to run.
Bringing Up Baby (1938)

Tracy Lord: Oh, I'm such an unholy mess of a girl.
C. K. Dexter Haven: Well, now, that's not conversation.
The Philadelphia Story (1940)

volunteer dream

I do not do much volunteer work. I tutor eight grade math and help out with my sorority's foundation. But I found something I really enjoy, libraries. My local public library is looking for volunteers to reshelve books and for me, this is an organizational dream. Hopefully they will have need of me and I can relish the time in a place that I love.