Sunday, May 28, 2006

Let's talk finales

Well that time has come again. The end of the major TV season with cliffhanging finales and happy series endings.

First, 24. Not as splashy as I expected but a fitting ending to a wiener of a president. I am glad his wife was able to pull him down and Jack finally got the girl, if only for a few minutes (1.5 minutes to be exact). Anyway, now he is off to China with extreme torture in his future. What is his street value anyway? Beyond the unbelievable, it is the character moments that I love in this show. That and its amazing production value. How cool is it that we get to see a movie production every week for an hour and sometimes two?

Desperate Housewives. A little predictable what with the other son doing the killing and Susan's boyfriend getting the hit and run. I did not expect it to be the dentist though, definitely something he wanted covered up. The Solis' infidelity is very boring to me but I tend to like Gabrielle's character the most next to Brie. Golly, poor Brie has had some trauma about this year. I would like to see her calm her rententiveness next season. By the by, I just can not watch Susan without thinking of Penny Parker on MacGyver. I have watched Teri Hatcher multiple times in that show and she brings out Penny a lot in Housewives. Give 'em hell, Penny!

Lost. You would think with all the great minds writing this show, they would answer some of those damn questions. Sure, now we know why the plane crashed and that the Others are not what they seem but sheesh, a whole year and we still do not know anything about the polar bears or the crazy monsters or why Walt's thoughts seem to manifest. Still, just like 24 its all about the characters and production value. Add to that some witty writing and the impressive combination of past and present story lines and you have a show that I just can not avoid. I was glad to see Michael and his son ride off into the sunset and even more interested that Kate was looking to Jack when they were led off. I just know Hurley is going to come through and get Sayid to save those three. The episode was topped off with a lovely little kiss between Charlie and Claire and Locke admitting he was wrong. I think this goes along with the show's tagline: Everything happens for a reason. Please explain that next season.

Veronica Mars. There is no description for the joy I feel when I watch this show. While not as poignant as Buffy, VM has style all her own and tying this year's plot with last year's murder of Lily, the best friend and occasional bisexual (how funny was that?) was pure genius. Beaver's emotional outburst that his name was Cassidy and then Logan trying to get him down from the roof by using said name was probably the best part of the finale. That and VM finding out that Beaver raped her and killed her father. Anyway, it all ends up okay for the Mars family though we get a nice glimpse of next season. Cordelia Chase, ahem, Kendell Casablancas, ahem, Priscilla Banks seems to have fallen on to some money and some trouble. Also, we have to get Weevil out of jail so he can make his grandmother proud and walk during graduation. Looks like it will be a fun season on the new CW.

Alias. A tremendous wrap up to this series which had seen better days and worse for that matter. Even with all the Rambaldi nonsense and the immortality hocus pocus, it was a fun ride. I am happy to see most of the main characters survive, although I would have preferred Sloan to stay dead. Still I can be satisfied that he will live an eternal lifetime in a crazy man's tomb with not even his dead daughter with whom to talk. Poor Tom and Jack did not make it and even Irina fell to a horrible death. I was disappointed there were so many flashbacks and not one with Will. However, Francie was a pleasant surprise. The complex storylines made it hard to continue watching this show but I am glad I stuck it out. It was the action sequences and quirky assignments that made it enjoyable. Not to mention Michael Vartan with whom I am secretly in love. Arrivederci Phoenix, it was fun knowing you.

There were some other surprises. Grisom and Sara was not a twist I liked very much on C.S.I. The Without a Trace ending was nice although I wish they would play Eric Close more and not as a guy hooked on vicodin. Actually, the only character I do not really like on that show is Jack and that is because he is so inconsistent sometimes. Smallville was kind of fun, a nice round about way to bring in Zod but please get Lana out of the way because she is way over the top sometimes. ER also had that cliff hanger of an ending but I expected nothing less from this veteran show. I just hope they get back to the hospital drama and have less bedroom scenes. Get back to what made this show good, people. Finally, House. A kind of weird season to a show that gives me lots of weird feelings. I like that it is daring in that capacity but it is also something that tends to ward me away from it. You can not miss Hugh Laurie as House, though. A huge character that is almost underplayed by him. That and sometimes I wish he would bring in that British accent. The other characters on this show are also just a bit inconsistent with the exception of Cuddy, who I find kind of intriguing. I like that there is this strong female in the lead and that she is contemplating artificial insemination. It actually seems like something the character would do. The season ender was kind of strange but so was last season's ender. In fact, the last few episodes of this sophomore season were very tied together. I look forward to working with the M.D. again. Just please cut the C.S.I. computer generated bodily functions. It is starting to really get to me.

Well, with the fall-spring shows ending. The summer starts up. Monk, 4400, Dead Zone, the Stargates, and some new shows are popping up on several networks. It is not just reality this summer, much to my appreciation. It makes me want to turn on my tube which is actually a digitally created picture. But hey, that is just the geek talking.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

When is a bed not just a bed?

When it is not delivered when it is supposed to be? When it one of your first major purchases? When it is part of a complete bedroom set? When you have been waiting eight weeks for it? How about all of the above. Why do I always have such bad luck?

Monday, May 08, 2006

Whithersoever they blow

Man of La Mancha lyrics aside, this Da Vinci Quest by google has actually been a little fun. Sure the questions are a pain and the puzzles not so tough but it gives me a five minute break every day. The symbol puzzles are the best, sort of a contorted sudoku puzzle. As I am reading Angels and Demons these days, there is also a connection. I am hoping for a big kicker of an ending to my quest.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"I'm and unholy mess of a girl"

The Philadelphia Story, 1940, starring Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, and James Stewart. Nominated for four academy awards, this film won for Best Writing/Screenplay and Best Actor in a Leading Role giving Jimmy the first of his only two Oscar statues in his prestigious career.

This has to be my favorite quote of all time. The entire scene is fantastic and I find myself watching, captivated by Grant and Hepburn. Oh but Katherine, she steals the scene and Grant's timing is impeccable. For me, the epitome of classic film.

HEPBURN: "I'm such an unholy mess of a girl."
GRANT: "That's no good. That's not even conversation."