Saturday, June 19, 2010

end of an era

Two incredible tv series came to an end this past May. Two tv series which changed the face of television. Both had novel storytelling, astronomical production values, and memorable characters. Both captured the audience for multiple seasons and created ample fodder for the water cooler. Both have been at the top of my favorites list since they began.

No one character has held my attention for so long as Jack Bauer. Sutherland's portrayal of the John Wayne of terrorism kept me involved in every "24" season. When he was on the screen I screamed yippee ki yay and when he was not, I cringed. The plots were typically unbelievable and I honestly lost track of them not because of their complication but because I did not care. The show's signature premise of events happening in real time became second hand at the end and someone, somewhere must have a list of the number of times Jack was shot, stabbed, tortured, or killed. But his heart was true, his patriotism unbending, and his strength beyond words. It was fitting that he wavered at the end and that Chloe was his anchor back to the Jack we know and love. There were other characters through the years for which I also had some love namely Chloe, Tony, Aaron Pierce but I will miss Jack above all. Goodbye.

The phenomenon of "Lost" was great to say the least. The intertwining of flashbacks, flash forwards, and flash sideways to life on the island was clever and entertaining. That and the characters were either love-able or hate-able. I enjoyed the ending episodes though I cried when Jin and Sun died. The end was satisfying, answering most of the questions with fantastical yet believable elements and closing the circle with the return of most of the main characters. That was my favorite part even above the heaven and redemption portions. I will miss the characters and beauty of the show. Goodbye.

The one thing I will miss most of all is the beautiful, thematic music of Sean Callery's "24" and Michael Giacchino's "Lost". Not many shows get full season soundtracks but both of these have had multiple soundtracks released and I proudly count them in my collection and frequently heard. With these I can relive the shows forever.

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