Friday, April 16, 2010


"I watch a lot of tv." It seems I use that sentence a lot and lately watching it has become just that, a chore. For a show to be of interest to me it has to have two things, good characters or a good premise. Shows with both of them are not to be missed. I think the best example is the upcoming premiere of "Doctor Who" where the main character is just too fun and the extended plot is never dull. For me, a similar story could be said of many of the scifi shows that I watch but also shows like "Mentalist" or the reasonably unknown winter run of "Human Target". When a show starts out with good characters but then draws on and on, I lose all interest and patience. Added to this is the fact that when I DVR, I have to watch it so it is cleared from the list. (that whole checking off the list thing). So I have dropped several popular shows because I just can not stand the characters or stories anymore and this has made my DVR attention span very happy. Goodbye "Desperate Housewives", "Brothers & Sisters", "Parenthood", "Grey's Anatomy", and "V". "Flash Forward" is definitely on my short list too.

On a similar note, "Ugly Betty" ran its series finale on Wednesday. I came to enjoy this show even when the story lagged because of Marc and Amanda who never ceased to make me laugh. The ending was fitting and touching. I enjoyed its four years and do not regret sticking with it.

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